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12/2006 - present
Firaxis Games, Hunt Valley, MD
Senior Software Engineer, UX Specialist
- Develop user interfaces for AAA strategy games.
- Shipped titles:
    XCOM: Chimera Squad
    - XCOM 2
    - XCOM: Enemy Within
    - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    - Sid Meier's Ace Patrol
    - Civilization Revolution

- Focused on human-centered usability with PC, console, and mobile platforms
- Javascript, Typescript, CSS, Flash Actionscript, C++, UnrealScript (UE3), UE4
- Previously: User Interface Engineer; Technical Artist

8/2006 - 12/2006
Community Center for Technology Services, Baltimore, MD
Web Developer
- Developed database-driven web applications with Ruby on Rails
- Worked with small- to mid-sized nonprofit clients
- Ruby on Rails, AJAX, html

5/2004 - 8/2006
Connections Academy, Baltimore, MD
Multimedia Designer, Flash Artist
- Developed interactive training courses in Flash
- Maintained visual architecture documents for major projects
- Redesigned lesson and Learning Management System interfaces
- Flash, Captivate

8/2005 - 6/2006
kidsTeam at University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
National Science Foundation Researcher
- Worked with middle-school students on building and designing their own games and mods with NeverWinter Nights toolkit


The University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
B.T.P.S. in Simulation and Digital Entertainment
December 2006

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